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Curb Distracted Driving

Your proactive safety solution. 


When your company’s professional drivers
are behind the wheel, their focus must be on
one thing only: the road.

Yet, drivers are faced with countless distractions. 

Mitigate these dangerous distractions with NOCELL® –
a commercial-grade solution that limits smartphone interaction while a vehicle is in motion.

NOCELL’s fully customizable, turn-key application allows your fleet managers to authorize or “whitelist” applications they deem safe and necessary for productivity. It also alerts your fleet management team if the phone is being handled while driving. The safety-proven driver management platform provides employee privacy while proactively enforcing distracted driving laws by removing cell phone distractions and silencing alerts. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restricts a CMV driver from reaching for or holding a mobile phone to conduct voice communication, as well as dialing by pressing more than a single button. CMV drivers who use a mobile phone while driving can only operate a hands-free phone located in close proximity. The rule prohibits unsafely reaching for a device, holding a mobile phone, or pressing multiple buttons.

“The NOCELL solution provides us with safety protection and the ability to increase transparency around our cell phone policy. NOCELL keeps our drivers honest and our roadways safer.”

Cole Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer, Stevens Trucking

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