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Mitigate Cell Phone Usage Liabilities and Elevate Safety

Commercial Fleets

Your organization is focused on providing the best service to your customers while ensuring your drivers get home safely each night. Yet, your drivers are faced with countless distractions while on the road. One of the biggest distractions is cell phones – the constant buzzing and binging alerting a driver that they have a message or call.

Cell phone usage when a driver is behind the wheel is a huge liability for your organization. And, while you can take steps to communicate your cell phone policy to your drivers, what are you doing to enforce it and ensure your policies are being upheld?

The NOCELL® Platform – a commercial-grade distracted driving management system – empowers you to configure and customize the platform for your drivers, maximizing productivity and minimizing risk. NOCELL® spans all fleet market segments – large and small – and can be tailored to help enforce every company’s unique driver safety policy.

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Protect your drivers and their privacy.

Technology can be intimidating, and the question regarding privacy is often a concern of drivers. The NOCELL® Platform ensures complete driver privacy. The Platform does not share cell phone content information or allow any access to cell phones. It simply disables apps your safety team deems to be distracting while the vehicle is in motion.


Protect the public.

Your professional drivers are the experts on the road. Your drivers are hauling thousands of pounds down the roadways next to families in their cars. Your drivers not only set the example on the road, but they are also responsible for making the right and safe decision – even when no one is looking. Help support your drivers’ safety efforts by eliminating unnecessary distractions with NOCELL.


Protect your organization and bottom line.

A safety failure or crash can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s bottom line. Why take the risk? Ensure your drivers are putting safety first by focusing on the road and putting away their cell phones. Litigation can be costly, and the toll a crash can take on your team can be devastating.

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