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Protect Your Fleet Clients

Fleet Insurance Carriers


As a fleet insurance carrier, you have the opportunity to help your clients ensure safety is upheld and crashes do not occur. Commercial vehicle collisions and related insurance settlements are rapidly rising, and the cost of a crash can be devastating. Company fleets utilizing technology tools to enforce a safe driving policy will reduce mounting claims and legal costs attributable to crashes caused by unauthorized mobile device use.

The NoCell Technologies commercial-grade distracted driving management platform helps your clients control insurance costs by reducing distracted driving incidents.

The NOCELL® Platform:

  • Extensible object-oriented architecture

  • Easy-to-integrate open API’s

  • Trouble-free native mobile app SDK’s

  • Ready to launch on iOS & Android™ 

Support your clients’ safety culture and distracted driving policy by providing them access to the NOCELL® Platform – saving lives and decreasing insurance claims.

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