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Get Your Public Employees and Contractors Home Safely

Government Fleets

As a fleet that operates government, public, school, and university vehicles, your drivers have a variety of roles and specific needs. Often, your drivers are responsible for others’ lives in their vehicles, and being alert and focused on the road is essential for them to successfully perform their jobs.

NoCell Technologies understands that you require a highly customized safety platform to be able to support the various needs of your driver pool. With the ability to selectively choose the apps you deem necessary for productivity, NOCELL® makes it easy for you to specifically tailor your drivers’ must-have applications so that they can do what they do best: drive.

With approximately 645,000 government fleet vehicles on our roadways, which include approximately 200,000 passenger vehicles, 78,517 heavy-duty trucks, 47,369 vans, and 847 ambulances, safety is of the utmost importance. Taking a proactive approach to mitigating distracted driving is essential to keeping our roadways safe.

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