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Your Questions, Answered.


What if my fleet uses both Android™ and iOS devices?

The NOCELL® Platform is compatible with both Android™ and iOS devices.

Why isn’t the NOCELL® App on the Apple Store or Google Play?

The NOCELL app is registered on the Apple Business Store since we are an enterprise solution. For Android™ , the NOCELL® app is developed following the strict Enterprise Developer Guidelines set forth by both entities. Further to this, our app and portal are compliant with CCPA (CA Civ. Code §1798.100 et seq.) requirements.

Can I use the NOCELL® for my teenager’s devices?

The NOCELL® Platform is a solution that is designed to scale to the size of any fleet and is currently not available for consumer use.

Will my drivers be able to use our company specific applications for work purposes?

Yes. The NOCELL® Platform gives the administrator the ability to authorize applications they deem necessary in accordance with company cell phone policy. This provides admins control to balance productivity and safety.

My fleet has different segments of drive types (ex. long haul vs. last mile delivery), and our cell phone policy has different restrictions for each.  Can I differentiate the groups and how their devices are enforced?

Yes, the NOCELL® Platform gives you the ability to create specific groups. These groups can have different policies assigned, with different settings and authorized applications for each.

How will I know if the driver is attempting to use their device while driving?

The NOCELL® Portal allows you to create alerts for phone handling events, drivers disabling Bluetooth®, or drivers killing the app. These alerts may be sent to your assigned group administrator via email notification. Within the portal, you will also be able to search for these alerts, including driver and event information.

What are NOCELL® operating system requirements for Apple® and Android™ phones and devices?

NOCELL® supports Android™ phones and devices running Android™ 6.0 or higher.


For iPhones® and Apple® Devices, NOCELL® supports iOS 11.0 or higher.

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