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Your Technology Safety Tools and Tips


Understanding the Legal Consequences of Distracted Driving

While it may seem harmless to glance at a text message or adjust the GPS while driving, the consequences can be devastating. Recognizing the severity of this problem, lawmakers have started implementing stringent measures to curb distracted driving and hold offenders accountable.

Is Your iPhone a Tool or an Anchor?

Knowing your apps are safe and sound and easy to find, and your iPhone is now a tool that contributes to your efficiency, rather than an anchor dragging you down.

New Feature Roll Out: Vehicle and Alert Visibility

Your ability to easily use the NOCELL® Platform to uphold your company’s cell phone policy drives NoCell Technologies to continuously invest resources into developing new features.


To help you clearly identify vehicle and alert information, NOCELL has added two new features.

Six Tips for Talking with Your Teens About Distracted Driving

Summer break means kids are out of school, families are traveling, and our daily routines may be slightly different. It also means more teens on the road.

Stevens Trucking: Case Study

Stevens Trucking has not experienced a single cell phone involved incident over 100 million annual miles by adopting the NOCELL solution for addressing distracted driving.


Distracted Driving and the Cost to Fleets [white paper]

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the most critical safety issue for fleets.

Distracted Driving—A Deadly & Costly Epidemic [white paper]

Cell phone distraction is pervasive, costly & uncontrolled. The challenge—How do you enforce cell phone policies?

Fleet Safety Puzzle [presentation]

Fleet safety management is an ongoing puzzle. There is no one solution to fix all safety issues. You must include multiple pieces of safety technology and processes to complete the puzzle.

Decrease Incidents of Distracted Driving: Tips for Talking to Your Employees

Talking with your team about distracted driving is essential to creating a healthy culture.

NOCELL Distracted Driving Management [product brief]

Enforce your driver safety smartphone policy. Protect your employees, company, and assets.

How to Keep Your Commercial Fleet Drivers Focused on the Road [white paper]

Focus while on the road is increasingly diminishing. Companies need to utilize the tools and technologies available to them to ensure their drivers are safe while still being productive.

Curb Device Distraction [presentation]

Fleet driver risk is at an all-time high! NOCELL’s driver device management DDM enables companies to enforce cell phone policy.

NSRMCA Exclusive Member Offer

Exclusive offer of the NOCELL Solution for NSRMCA members.

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