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NOCELL® is a commercial-grade solution that runs independently, as well as integrates into fleet telematics and fleet owner’s systems to effectively limit smartphone and tablet use while driving.

NOCELL distracted driving management has three components. A Mobile App for driver smartphones, an Admin Portal for your computer, and a NOCELLtag™ vehicle ID.

NOCELLtag, an unobtrusive device placed on the driver-side windshield, connects to a linked cell phone and automatically disables unauthorized apps. App permissions and system alerts are fully user-customizable, enabling company policy enforcement—helping to keep drivers safe and sound and reducing distractions.

Improve Driver Safety

Distracted driving is a growing problem—NOCELL can help protect your employees, company and assets.

NOCELL effectively mitigates cell phone usage while driving and enforces compliance with your corporate safety policy.

Telematics-based solutions are good, but by their nature are reactive. Other solutions are training-based and effective, but short-lived.

NoCell Technologies adds a commercial-grade solution that is proactive—enforcing policy and keeping your drivers free from mobile device distractions.

As of March 2019 in the U.S., text messaging is banned for all drivers in 47 states and hand-held cellphone usage while driving is banned in 20 states (hands-free driving laws). NOCELL enables the removal of texting and social media apps and provides a phone-handling detection feature with alerting capabilities.

Enforce Your Safety Policy

You choose which apps are allowed; unauthorized apps are disabled.

The NOCELL app on the driver’s phone interfaces with the NOCELLtag and vehicle motion disables distracting apps.

  • Disables apps
  • Detects rogue devices
  • Delays text messages
  • Alerts Admins
  • Privacy protection

Administrators manage corporate safe driving policy through the full-featured Admin Portal. The portal is easy to configure and use, and provides both at-a-glance metrics and comprehensive reports for a deeper dive.

NOCELL Solution Live Drive

See the NOCELL Solution in action during a live drive. A first hand look within the cab to see how NOCELL enforces your company’s cellphone policy during a trip. When the trip is completed the policy is removed and the phone returns to normal.


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The National Safety Council reports that distracted driving causes 3 crashes every minute. Given this frequency, and the direct and indirect costs associated with subsequent litigation and the crash-recovery process, it’s imperative that fleet-operating businesses protect their drivers and their company.

NOCELL controls and limits cell phone distractions while driving—reducing risk, liability and loss for fleet operators. NOCELL technology is the only commercial-grade solution on the market designed from the ground up. Built with cutting-edge mobile app SDKs, API integration and custom firmware, NOCELL assimilates seamlessly with AVL / GPS fleet management systems, field service apps, dongles, cameras, JBUS and OBD-II devices.

Best of all, our distracted driving management platform allows for app-specific controls, provides advanced data reporting and analysis tools and driver tamper alerts. So fleet owners can rest easy—while drivers operate safely.

A Cut Above the Competition — Easily Deploy or Seamlessly Integrate

  • Administrative hierarchy roles & permissions
  • Customer-defined groups & policies
  • Application-level policy controls
  • In-vehicle, multi-device detection
  • Non-compliant device notifications
  • Extensible API & object-oriented architecture
  • Mobile Application SDK’s
  • Phone-handling violation alerts
  • Privacy-mode location tracking controls
  • Adjustable activation speed & delay times
  • Work-time non-activity notifications
  • Customizable macro-to-micro reports
  • Secure, tamper-free system
  • Small NOCELLtag windshield footprint


Get to know a platform that’s revolutionizing driver safety and compliance.

NoCell Technologies offers a unique solution. Our distracted driving management platform was designed from the ground up to simply and effectively restrict the use of mobile apps while driving.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the platform allows for full user-customization; you set the policy—allowing you to align with international, federal and state regulations—and ensure employee privacy during their non-working hours.

This section is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. 287(a). The following provides a listing of patents directed to our technology solutions.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,743,241, 10,826,833, 11,026,163, 11,038,801 and 11,330,508.

Other patents are pending directed to these and other technologies.

When it comes to driver protection, simplicity is key—and NOCELL makes it easy to enhance your drivers’ compliance, safety and security.

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