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Our Clients Say

Casey Driggers, Executive Vice President of Safety & Personnel at Custom Commodities Transport
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Tim Chrulski

Chief Operating Officer, Garner Trucking

"At the end of the day, in-cab safety tools present benefit for the driver, the carrier, and the motoring public. A companies approach toward the introduction & implementation of these safety technologies is where success truly lies. We have found that the introduction of technology like cameras, for example, document events and can potentially protect a driver by exoneration in some situations. Ultimately, adding safety technology like cameras allows a company to educate a driver, emphasize & focus on great driving habits and reward for those positive behaviors. Converging on these points helps everyone understand the logic and provides the justification for adding a new safety technology."

Rick Schmidt

Director of HR and Safety, Nussbaum Transportation

“Another example of new technology is our roll-out of NoCell. Cell phones are a huge distraction for all motorists. When the inward- facing cameras show a distracted driver, our goal is to address the issue quickly and help them build safe habits. As we examined the issue, one solution was to block drivers' access to their phones while moving – enter NoCell."
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